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United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Did you know that British universities and individuals have won up to a 100 Nobel prices? No other country has such an achievement. The United Kingdom is also reputable for its rich cultural heritage evident in many ways especially in the architecture of its buildings which reflect a great deal of history. Even though the United Kingdom is multicultural, it is a calm and reserved place; little wander it house about a million international students yearly.

Why Study In the UK?

Quality Education

Most UK schools are ranked among the best in the world. According to the Center for world universities ranking (CWUR) 2018-2019 world universities ranking, 20 UK universities are ranked among the top 20 universities in the world. The schools are marked for their academic excellence and research expertise. UK lecturers are one of the finest and oldest in the world. The schools are built with very conducive classrooms and environment, sophistication, advanced technology and they are well equipped to support learning.

Diverse course option

You can find literally any course you want in the UK even the rare ones. The United Kingdom places a high value on education and is known for decades of excellence and experience in this area; hence, so many courses have been born as a result of that. If you have peculiarities as regards your career choice, hop into the UK and you would find a perfect match.

Educational System

The education system in the United Kingdom in addition to being of highest possible quality has some uniqueness; you will save money and time if you schooled in the UK because most Bachelor’s degrees are gotten in 3 years and Masters in 1 year or 18 months depending on your choice of course. There is a small lecturer to student ratio in most schools so you get one on one interaction based learning, you can choose your classes and lecturers and schedule and you will still get plenty of time for extracurricular activities. The system is not stereo typed but very flexible in terms of course selection. You have your main course which you must complete compulsorily, in other to graduate but you are also required to offer a couple of elective courses before graduation and you are free to pick any course from any field. This is a great opportunity for balanced learning and for maximizing your tuition and time.

Strong research infrastructure

The UK is famous for its research exploits; 30% of UK university research is classified as ‘world- leading’ and 46% as ‘internationally excellent’ by the latest research excellence frame work (REF). Researches done by UK schools and individuals have won several awards and have formed the bases for new inventions which have contributed a great deal of benefits to the world today. Year after year the UK government and the world at large set funds aside for various research projects in the UK. Most schools are built with research friendly infrastructure and system. If you are thinking of the best place for a research program or you prefer a research based learning style then you must consider schooling in the United Kingdom.

Scholarship and Financial Support

If you are smart and proactive enough, you might be able save some pounds by taking advantage of the various scholarships and financial support arrangement made by the UK government and individuals. Most of them are research based and academic excellence centered while others are focused on special abilities and sports among others.

Support for international students

International students receive a warm welcome in the UK which is a show of UK’s decades of experience with international students. There are lots of international students support services and societies aimed at creating an adventure for the students to network with other students of like minds and origin as well make them feel at home. From welcome parties, to events, down to airport pickups and accommodation arrangements amongst others, there is never a dull moment for international students.

Student Visa

The UK student Visa is relatively easy to obtain. As long as you have your admission offer letter, a proof of financial ability and English language proficiency, you are good to go. The application process is less stressful and less complicated

Job opportunities

The UK study visa allows you to work either on or off campus for at most 20 hours per week when school is in session and you are free to work as long as you want to during the holiday. The job market might be competitive especially in big cities but if find a job; you may be able to cover your accommodation and feeding expenses on your own.

Multicultural nature

The UK is cosmopolitan. Lots of people come from different parts of the world making it multicultural in nature. Don’t worry; it won’t be hard to find a community of people you can feel at home with.


The UK has a plan to shield you from emergency health care expenses while you study. It is called the National Health Service (NHS). International students studying courses that will last beyond 6 months are made to pay a fee called international health surcharge (IHS) yearly which is used to fund basic health care services rendered to them while they study.

Travel Opportunities

Schooling in the UK gives you access to England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. If you love to travel and explore the world, you can utilize your weekends and holidays; you just have to find time to do your paper work. You can utilize trains and buses and you can get special rates and offers when getting your tickets.

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