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United States

United States

The United States is a dream land for many people and the envy of many nations. America has vast land and many independent states coming together as one, this makes every state unique in its own way and it creates an amazing diversity of culture. However, America is known for its civilization and advanced technology in several aspects like military and Education among others. If you are looking for a place filled with lots of career opportunities, natural beauty, high standard of living, comfortable homes, lots of food and many more, then America is perfect.

Why Study In the US?

Popularity With International Students

The United States has remained unbeatably the most preferred destination for international students for years now. There are people from all over the globe studying in the US; according to Open doors report on international education exchange on November 13, 2018, The number of international students in the United States surpassed one million for the third consecutive year, increasing by 1.5 percent to reach a new height of 1,094,792. This means that you may find an old friend, relative, people of like mind, same country and race and you would acculturate faster. So, if you love connecting with people and hate being alone, you might want to consider schooling in the States.

Universities' Ranking

Generally, schools in the United States are ranked amongst the best in the world; in the world university ranking for 2018-2019, by Center for world universities ranking (CWUR), the top 3 universities are in the united states, 8 are in the top 10 and 51 are among the first 100. If you are a lover of excellence and would like to get world standard education, you can find that in the United States.

Quality Education

Education in the United States is of highest quality; consequently, a degree obtained from the United States is globally recognized and accepted. The schools are sophisticated; the lecturers are among the best in the world, the learning environment is very conducive with the latest advancement in technology being employed in teaching and availability of resource materials to support learning and research, you are sure to get quality education from the United States.

Educational System

In the US, you would have classes and assignments, seminars and your schedule would be very busy but you will also have plenty of time for extracurricular activities. The educational system was structured to ensure that one would have balanced education- it is not focused on academics alone. The system makes education very personalized because students are privileged to make decisions that pertained to their classes, lectures and schedule. This makes it possible for students to be in control of your time and activates.

Campus Life

Campus is never dull. Most schools have active sport teams and clubs and social group that connect people together. International student are never left out as there are support centers and services for them and there are social groups where that can find people who are alike.

Good Living Conditions

Life in the United States cannot be overemphasized. There are many factors that contribute to making it one of the most beautiful experiences one can have among which are;

  • Accommodation: There are several accommodation options for students. There is the home stay option where students live with a registered family in their home; a great way to make acclimatization easier. There is also ‘on campus’ accommodation. Schools have their apartment styles but generally, they range from a single bedroom flats to shared apartments and rooms. All on campus accommodations are cozy and contain all a student needs to live comfortably while studying. Lastly, there are ‘off campus’ accommodation options available. Most times they are cheaper; a few minutes’ walk/ drive from the campus and are also well equipped for a comfortable living.
  • Cost of living: the cost of living in big cities is relatively higher that the cost of living in other places, however, it is generally good. The US has a stable economy; rent may be high in certain areas but the cost of food, groceries among others is minimal.
  • Food and drinks: if you are in the US, you may never have a problem with food because there are diverse available options cutting across cuisines from around the globe. In spite of the fact that restaurants are everywhere, most schools have cafeteria and meal plans for their students. Generally, food is accessible and cheap.

Scholarship and Financial Support

There are thousands of scholarship opportunities available for international students; you can get a part or full scholarship with respect to your SAT score. There are also scholarships based on sports, special abilities, leadership, and academic excellence amongst others. It just takes diligence to find them and patience when you apply. Many international students are beneficiaries of such scholarships

Employment opportunities

There are ‘on campus’ jobs and internship spaces available for students. The educational system is flexible enough to allow up to 20 hour per week for work. At least, you will have extra change to handle daily expenses from working part time while schooling. During holidays, especially summer, lots of summer jobs are available in the job market. Most students are able to pay their rent, buy food and clothes, to mention but a few with their earnings. Also, earning a degree from a school in the US gives you a better chance of getting a job after graduation. With a job offer, you can change your visa type from students’ to work and start building for yourself a successful career and life.

Cosmopolitan nature

US is very cosmopolitan; you will find people from all over the globe in America. Americans are friendly, accommodating, accepting and respectful of other people culture making the US a place of cultural diversity. Racism in the United States is at its minimal because the laws kick against it. Everyone is judged with respect to the value they can give. There are many communities; once you find the one that best suits you; you may not miss home so much. You will also be opportune to connect with people from different parts of the globe.

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